Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scandic By Nature?

Scandic By Nature sells premium out of season Scandinavian products, factory seconds and samples on global and local marketing platforms. 

Who are the people behind Scandic By Nature?

Johnny Warwick is a digital marketing consultant with over 12 years of experience.  Over the last several years in Sweden he has worked within the online fashion industry, attending trade shows, travelling Scandinavia and discovering new brands. 

Scandic By Nature is now run by a small team, working to find premium brands in Scandinavian, looking to sell their out-of-season products and samples to our very fashion-conscious communities.

How much does it cost?

Scandic By Nature is purely a drop shipping service, we will list your products online for free, our commission is 20%, not including listing or partner fees. An example of a payment summary will be issued to the customer to ensure they understand the process.

What services does Scandic By Nature provide?

Scandic By Nature work with each brand to understand which is the best platforms for your products:

  • We identify your target market
  • Work within only countries that you ship your products
  • Upload images, videos, description, prices and products based on your branding within the guidelines of the online platform policies.
Extra Services by Scandic By Nature

Scandic by Nature is founded by a small team provides digital marketing consultation for fashion brands and small business.  All brands will receive an information package about our consultations services or you can visit for more information.

Does Scandic By Nature buy your products?

At this stage, Scandic By Nature is an online drop shipping service.

Where are my products listed?

All products will be listed based on each brand’s guidelines.  Examples of the marketing platforms are eBay and Amazon.

Where is Scandic By Nature located?

Scandic By Nature is a Swedish company.

Why partner with Scandic By Nature?

We understand fashion and are passionate about connecting people who love fashion and excited to discover new brands.  Some of our clients that have sold their products through Scandic By Nature have noticed those same consumers would visit their own online stores and buy from them directly.   Scandic By Nature has built a high reputation on some of the platforms where your products will be listed and have been a community member with some of these platforms for many years.  A big advantage of selling with Scandic By Nature is that English is our 1st language, which is fantastic when establishing a global brand!

How does it work for my brand?
  1. Scandic By Nature will be provided access to the product storage or be sent files an online transfer service such as Dropbox or Wetransfer.
  2. The products are listed online based on the brand’s image and product guidelines. 
  3. Once the product is sold, Scandic By Nature will email a product order to the brand. The brand is responsible for shipping the product/s to the customers.
  4. Once the product/s had been shipped the brand is to provide a tracking number to Scandic By Nature, the customer will receive that tracking number.
  5. If the customer is satisfied with the product, the brand will be paid within a month of the delivery of the product. A 20% commission, listing and platform partner fees will be deducted and all transactions will be transparent on the monthly summary.  An example of a payment summary will be issued to the customer to ensure they understand the process.
  6. If the customer is not satisfied, Scandic By Nature will communicate with the customer and the brand for the product to be returned and a refund issue, unless the product is non-refundable.
When do brands get paid?

Brands generally receive their payment for products within a month of delivery this will give the customer the time to view, touch, feel and try your product.  If the customer is not satisfied, the customer may want to return the product, based on the brand’s policy, unless the brand is non-refundable.

Does Scandic By Nature promote brand products online?

Scandic By Nature uses social media to promote your brand, but will require a brand’s cooperation with how to use social media with the product images and video of each brand.

Scandic By Nature treats all information in accordance with GDPR and the Australia Privacy Act.

Ready to sell your brand to our global fashion community!  Contact us to understand the benefits of selling premium out of season Scandinavian products and samples with Scandic By Nature.